I’ve never trained before and I’m not very fit. What can I expect as a beginner?

Everybody needs to start somewhere, even experts were beginners once. Our team is dedicated to you to improve your fitness, technique  and strength.

What do I wear?

Clean , comfortable exercise attire. Please bring a towel and bottle of water. Water and drinks are also available to purchase.

What equipment do I need for Kickboxing?

We encourage everyone to purchase their own gear, but new clients are able to borrow a set of gloves for trying out a class. Inner gloves or Handwraps are compulsory to wear. If you do not have your own they are available for sale.

What payment facilities do you have?

EFTPOS, Cash and Direct Debit options are available for memberships. Bank transfer can also be arranged.

Can I join the fighters class?

The Fighters class is a private, invitation-only class for the Redstar Fight Team. We have fighters competing nationally and internationally so this class is designed for full focus on our athletes. If you have this kind of commitment, speak to Simon privately.

What is the minimum age I can become a member?

A member must be 16 years old with the permission from a legal guardian (guarantor)   or 18 years or older.

Do you have private trainers?

Yes we do. All of our trainers business cards are located inside the gym. Contact them directly to arrange a time.

Do I have to book classes?

No need to book. Make sure you arrive in time and train.

Is parking available?

Yes. We have a private enclosed carpark available 24 hours.

What if I am late to a class?

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for a class, you will not be permitted to begin training in that class. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for a class, in order to avoid disappointment.

Can my child do a free trial for the kids/ youth class?

No we do not allow a trial class. The class is too technical and the classes require commitment and dedication. Your child is welcome to come watch a session before joining.

Do you offer casual classes?

Yes we do except for the kids classes.  $20 is a casual visit.

Will I get hurt?

Not at all. We train in a fully controlled environment and if you spar, it is all about technique and improving your game. You do not learn anything by getting hurt. Fast pace light sparring is best for improving your skills and having a long career. Anyone going too hard will be quickly pulled up by their instructor.

What hours is the gym staffed?
  • Monday and Wednesday 9:00am til  6:30pm
  • Tuesday and Thursdays  11:00am til 6:30pm Fridays 9am til 12pm  Saturdays 9am til 11am

If you cannot make inside these times , appointments can be arranged.

Can I bring a friend in with me?

Yes but contact must be made with management before entry.
There is a $200 fine for members letting any non member in without consent from management.

What happens if I lose my membership fob card?

$50 is the replacement cost.